Implementation and support of the Moodle e-learning system.
Cloud and server solution.
Proprietary solutions for educational institutions
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Our specialization
Develop solutions that make learning and teaching modern and convenient
For companies and organizations
Training centers
Podym LLC is a client-oriented IT company that provides services for the implementation and support of the Moodle LMS in Russia.
  • 2 years on the market of distance learning systems.
  • Our clients include leading companies and leading universities.
  • Our employees are qualified LMS Moodle specialists.
  • Modern system of distance learning and knowledge control.
  • Unlimited customization options for the tasks and characteristics of your institution.
  • Our kit is capable of solving the tasks set for you in a complex and in the basic delivery contains the maximum of tools necessary for the implementation of the LMS.
Kaltura is a powerful video platform, open source video content management system:
  • online video platform;
  • educational video platform (EdVP);
  • corporate video platform
Alfresco is a suite of software products for managing documents, records, web publishing, teamwork and business processes:
  • document management - export, import, version control, security and library services for business documents;
  • document image management - capture, transform and manage paper documents;
  • records management - long-term archiving, automation of retention and regulatory compliance policies, legal and industry compliance;
  • workflow management - supporting business processes, transferring content along routes, assigning work tasks and states, creating audit logs;
  • Web Content Management (WCM) - Automate the webmaster role, manage dynamic content and user interaction;
  • multimedia content management (DAM) - management of graphic, video and audio files, various marketing materials, for example, flash banners, commercials;
  • knowledge management - support of systems for the accumulation and delivery of information relevant to organizations;
  • document-oriented interaction (collaboration) - sharing documents by users and support for project teams.
We make the IT market more transparent and more accessible for business
We work transparently: reports (decryptions) are detailed, all code uploads to GitLab, if errors occur in the operation of our solutions, everything is recorded in MantisBT and promptly eliminated, we never overestimate the hours!

For any project, a manager is first involved, then an analyst or a project manager and highly specialized specialists who provide highly qualified assistance to your business.
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Our clients
More than 3 years of experience in implementing, integrating, supporting Moodle in Russia.
Kaltura corporate partners since 2020.
Implemented complex technical solutions
for the integration of Alfresco + Moodle + Kaltura
Clients recommend us
After each project, we are contacted on the recommendation of the Customers!

We are a team of highly qualified IT professionals, each with a technical background.

Each employee has at least 5 years of experience in IT.

We are constantly working on ourselves, we respond promptly to the feedback of our Clients!
Our partners
Reliable IT company that you trust
companies from different countries
since 2015

on the market for custom software development
27 projects

for customers all over the world
16 developers

in different cities and countries
18 clients

from Russia, CIS countries and Europe
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